Assurance Services

External Audit

Al Raziq Bookkeeping and Taxation LLC services provide External Audit support, delivering businesses an independent and comprehensive examination of their financial statements and accounting practices. Our expert auditors ensure transparency, accuracy, and compliance with auditing standards, helping businesses gain insights into their financial health and regulatory compliance. Trust Al Raziq for thorough and professional External Audit services that add value and assurance to your financial operations.

Internal Audit

Al Raziq Bookkeeping and Taxation LLC provides professional Internal Audit services to help businesses enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and maintain regulatory compliance through systematic reviews of internal controls and financial processes. Trust us for valuable insights that improve your business operations.

Fraud Audit

Al Raziq Bookkeeping and Taxation LLC provides expert Fraud Audit services, using advanced techniques to detect and prevent fraudulent activities in your financial operations. Trust us to safeguard your financial integrity and protect your business from potential fraud.